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This would be the next post for the editors’ evaluation. The following taken from Ad’s piece last week (without photos):

In a fair contest, Kevin Rudd and the Labor team would have been more than a match for Tony Abbott and the Coalition team. But it was not a fair contest. From the very beginning of the election campaign Rupert Murdoch marshalled his formidable forces in support of Abbott while he waged a barefaced propaganda war against Rudd and Labor. When before have we witnessed such an onslaught?

Conscripted by Murdoch from his position of editor-in-chief of The New York Post, ‘Field Marshall’ Col Allan, known inside News Corporation as ‘Col Pot’, a reference to Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge genocidal dictator, was instructed by Murdoch to “go hard on Rudd, start from Sunday, and don’t back off”.


Allan soon got to work. His message to Murdoch’s editors was straightforward but brutal: “You have been going hard on Labor but now, with Rudd’s revival in the opinion polls, you have to go harder.” Indeed, they had been ‘going hard’ with vicious front pages since July: Captain ChaosWreck it RuddHellhole Solution and Rudd’s Boat Show (referring to the PNG arrangement), Kev’s $733 million Bank HeistPrice of LaborIt’s a Ruddy Mess and Rudd’s Carr Wreck, when the Budget revision was released, and Island Hell referring to Manus Island.

The attack heightened with The Daily Telegraph’s: Finally, you now have the chance to…KICK THIS MOB OUT on Monday 5 August.

As Bruce Guthrie, who had a successful legal run in with Murdoch, so well recorded in his book Man Bites Murdoch, writes in his Brisbane Times article It’s on: Rudd gets the Col shoulder as Murdoch telegraphs his punches: “By Thursday he and the Telegraph editor, Paul ‘Boris’ Whittaker, had taken another shot at Rudd, casting him, Anthony Albanese and Craig Thomson as ”Thommo’s Heroes”, playing on the late 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. By Friday, it was the turn of The Courier-Mail, the Brisbane tabloid turning Rudd and star candidate Peter Beattie into circus clowns.”Guthrie questioned Rudd’s wisdom in ‘taking on’ Murdoch: “What can he expect? First off, News does not play fair. And it’s not always troubled by the truth. The PM will be misquoted and misrepresented, photographed – or Photoshopped – any notion of balance abandoned.

“My case [his Supreme Court case against Murdoch for wrongful dismissal] taught me there are two kinds of truth in this world: what happened and what News Ltd says happened. And in Murdoch’s world his version trumps everything – given his clout and reach in this country, that can be a scary realisation. Rudd should also know he is not only taking on the Telegraph – he’s taking on the entire Murdoch empire.”


By Bacchus

Example TPS post number 1

The author of a post can have their ~1500 word article posted here. For the purposes of this demonstration, I’ll put several paragraphs pulled from Ad’s current piece

There are pivotal points in the lives of all of us, no less in the life of a political blog.The Political Sword has reached such a pivotal point.

Last Friday The Political Sword had its fifth birthday. The previous Saturday, Labor lost government. Among many who blog here, that was a great disappointment. The long road back to government for Labor lies ahead. They were pivotal points.


Moreover, key players in the life of this blog seek to take a different direction. Last week, Lyn, whose links have attracted thousands of regular visitors every day, decided to take a break. She has now decided to retire permanently from this very time-consuming and onerous task. For my part, I wish also to take a permanent break.


The Political Sword has been sustained over the years by the loyalty and contributions of a growing number of commenters, now over four hundred, and the visits of thousands of ‘lurkers’ who never comment but who visit regularly, thereby keeping the traffic through the site running at a consistently high level. They come to read Lyn’s Daily Links, the weekly pieces I write, the occasional guest authors’ offerings, and the many, many well-informed comments that run into the hundreds for every piece.


The constancy of the contribution of daily links, and of writing weekly pieces that often run to three thousand words with numerous references and links, has taken its toll on Lyn and me. We have spouses and families, and many other things we would like to do. Our commitment to The Political Sword has made other commitments and other pursuits almost impossible. We have done our bit to promote and support the values that progressives hold, but it’s time for a change. More of that later.


By Bacchus

Originally posted on Café Whispers:

In July some time an armed robber stole $500,000 in cash from a city bank here in Canberra. Two bank workers were shot during the hold-up, with one dying two days later in hospital.

The community outrage shook the capital. The media demanded blood. The offender needed to be captured as soon as possible before more people fell victim to this wicked, evil man.

Demands for the reintroduction of the death penalty screamed across the daily news. And naturally, Tony Abbott was asked to comment:

“This is what the carbon tax has done to innocent Australians. Unsure of their future, Julia Gillard has driven this hard working Australian to the point of despair. I feel for his family. But having said that, he needs to be reprimanded as quickly as possible and brought to trial. As Prime Minister I will ensure that all criminals are captured within five minutes of…

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